Meet the Team


Hi my name is Isa! I love being an art teacher at Uptown Paint and Sip because I get to support everyone's unique vision, make people laugh and make new friends. When I'm not making magic in the studio, I am frolicking in nature, composing music, and planting random seeds of compassion out to the world. Come find me at Uptown Paint and Sip!


Hello! My name is Connor! I am a 21 year old prop and craft maker that works here at Uptown Paint and Sip! I work as the head of the Bar and Assistant to whomever is working the class that night. My favorite part of working at the studio is learning about everyone who takes a class and seeing how different their paintings come out from each other because it shows how unique everyone is in how they work and what they can make!


Hello my name is Madisyn and I have been an artist my whole life, but painting the last 5 years. I love working at the studio because I get to interact with people and see how different every painting turns out with each person and share my love for art. I am an all around artist from stained glass to painting to pottery. When I'm not working or doing art, I am animal rescuer; specializing in reptiles, and I absolutely love the beach.