A Painting Class Experience

Welcome to our fun-filled community where we gather to laugh and create happy memories! We're thrilled to have you join us on this journey of joy and connection. Whether you're a seasoned member or a newbie, there's always something exciting happening here. So grab a drink, pull up a chair, and get ready to share in the good times. We can't wait to see what adventures we'll embark on together!

Our Painting Studio

Uptown Paint and Sip offers monthly online paint classes, private parties, and team building activities. Our talented artists create artwork from licensed distributors for painting on various surfaces. We pride ourselves on providing engaging experiences and quality services that exceed expectations. Check our calendar for upcoming events or plan your next private event!


Our Talented Paint and Sip Artists

At Uptown Paint and Sip, we're proud to work with professional artists who are passionate about offering a range of paint classes, parties, team building activities, and group painting sessions.

Meet the Team